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Welcome to Mackinac Coast Eyewear!

Marina Lighthouse in Downtown St. Ignace, Michigan

Mackinac Coast was the name of our storefront in St. Igance, Michigan. St. Ignace is just over the bridge - the Mackinac Bridge, that is, which has the nicknames, Big Mac and Mighty Mac. Our store was located across the street from beautiful Lake Huron, with a wonderful view of Mackinac Island out our front window. That was a long time ago, though, and have closed shop, and returned to the road where we travel and vend in specialty shows. As for our name, Mackinac Coast, we liked the name so much, we kept it! When we had our store, we looked forward to you dropping by and saying "Hey!", but now you'll have to catch up with us either in Quartzsite, Arizona in the winter or other places in the summer like Cascade, Idaho. That's right, no more Michigan for us! We will love visiting the area in the future, but we're not returning to vend. Check out Our Schedule and other Events.

Heads Up!! It's offical!! We've moved to Arizona!!

We have been spending our winters in Arizona for a while now and love it, so we have made Arizona our new home. Come visit us if you are in Quartzsite, Arizona in the winter. We have setup shop in Tyson Wells Marketplace and would enjoy your company. Besides, you might enjoy it enough to move here as well.

We are planning to spend our summers in Cascade, Idaho, and I will keep you posted on how much we like that too.

In the meantime, you can still order off our website. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out Our Schedule and Events and hopefully you can meet up with us during our travels.

Mick and Sassafras Zellar

BTW, we have a new Arizona address!! Click Here


If you don't know already...

We have our own line of sunglasses and goggles we have been offering to the motorcycle industry for many years. It includes Gloggle™, our padded riding glasses, Poly-Tuff™, our non-padded glasses with polycarbonate lenses, and Blare™ polarized styles.

Marina Lighthouse in Downtown St. Ignace, Michigan

Within the Gloggle™ line we have TRANS 50/50™ with a transitional lens, our number one selling Gloggle™, and many other styles to assure you a tight fit which will eliminate wind from blowing in your eyes. We offer the largest selection of padded riding glasses in the Mid-West.

Our Poly-Tuff™ line is very popular with riders and non-riders alike. They all have polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof, to assure you of a safe riding experience. Whether you ride or not, though, you can appreciate the quality a biker needs as well as the style of the wrap-around they require. They come in many different shapes and colorful frames and lenses so you can make the statement of who you are.

Let me take a minute to talk about TR-90. TR-90 is a new item we are just starting to see in the eyewear industry. It is a very flexible frame material and coupled with our Poly-Tuff™ lens, virtually indestructible. If you purchase a frame from your Optometrist, you will pay hundreds of dollars. Our ZTR-90™ sunglasses with the same type of framing start at $30. Go figure. We offer this type of frame in many different styles and colors and with Poly-Tuff™ lens as well as polarized lens. Once you try them, you will love them as our customers have told us many times.

Our Blare™ line, Get out of the glare with Blare™ is one of our more popular types of glasses we sell. Most of the glasses found in this line have a 1.1 mm lens, the thickest lens we can polarize. They also are TAC harden using an S-13 hardening process, assuring you of a safe and enjoyable experience. They also have been decentered to eliminate distortion. Once you wear our polarized glasses, particularly around water, you will never want to wear anything else.

Our line of Poly-Tuff™ Goggles are made with polycarbonate lenses. We have a very good selection ranging from the average joe to larger enough styles to go over prescription glasses. These goggles are worn by motorcycle riders, ATV riders, parachutists, dirt bikers, desert rats, air-soft participants, street hockey players, snowmobilers and skiers.

For all of our wonderful sunglasses and goggles you will have to go to our main site.